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Welcome to A Featherly Touch my name is Jenna.  I started crafting after I became disabled.  As a young mother with no income it was a way to calm me down in my impossible situation.  I use to be healthy enough to vend,  but months after I started A Featherly Touch, I got too sick to set up.  I am an advocate for invisible illnesses.   I make and sell awareness jewelry, crystals and crystal Angels, noosa snap jewelry with both handmade and 100's of different snaps from ginger and vochang snaps, essential oil necklaces and oil if needed. I offer a lot of Betsey Johnson jewelry and last but not least BUTERCREAM SOFT LEGGINGS and clothes.  I am always working on something and finding beautiful accessories, so check back often for new items.  Blessings,  Jenna

Don't hesitate to contact me for assistance